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Off The Trail

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North Hempstead presents "Off The Trail," a new nature series hosted by Ranger Eric Powers. Follow the Ranger as he explores nature both in and out of the Town of North Hempstead.

North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth talks about invasive species of plants and animals on the next episode of Off the Trail, NHTV's own award-winning nature show hosted by Ranger Eric Powers. The episode also takes a look at the migration of coyotes onto Long Island and the changing suburban landscape.

Episode Eight: Quails: nature's tick control

Quails are natural predators of ticks, and can be released in wildlife areas to control local tick populations. In this episode, we raise a brood of quails from egg to release just for this purpose.

EPISODE SEVEN: Winter on Long Island

Hibernation, climate change, and regrowth. A lot goes on during the quiet of winter on this episode of Off The Trail. 

EPISODE SIX: Creatures of the Long Island Sound

This episode of Off the Trail focuses on what marine life lives beneath the surface in the Long Island Sound.

episode five: incredible senses of hearing

See a few creatures with powerful senses of hearing such as bats and trained police horses.


Learn about a variety of creatures that have amazing senses of smell, such as trained police dogs, foxes, and more.

episode three: ancient maritime creatures

See a few nautical creatures that are considered ancient, learn about water conservation, and see a pod of beluga whales in the North Hempstead Harbor.

EPISODE TWO: The birds and bees of spring

Learn about the birds and bees of Springtime, how to build a bee block, and how to choose proper binoculars.

Episode One: Amphibians and vernal ponds

Explore a vernal pond, see a few amphibians up close, and learn how to build a pond in your own backyard.